About Us

16: 9 Cagdas Sahin has been continuing his works in graphic design and animation, especially in series and films since 2010, under the name of 16: 9 design and photography studio in istanbul since 2016 .

Since 2020, he has been working in London.

The 16: 9 company, which provides design services to the leading productions of our country, creates fast and high-quality designs for its customers to meet the needs of every large and small business.

”Historie, İçerde, Söz, İsimsizler, Savaşçı” … (more in our references section) We aim to provide customer satisfaction at the highest level with our expert employees who provide services to micro SMEs and provide the most appropriate service to every sector, as well as providing design services to national and international productions and companies.

16: 9 studio; In addition to Graphic Design, Web, Photography, Video, Special Effects, Animation, 3D services, he is at your service with his archive for historical (Ottoman, 1910-1950-1960, etc.) period designs.


The company we work with and some of the projects we do

Adrese Teslim Kargo (TV Series/Movie)
Aldırma Gönül (TV Series/Movie)
Alemin Kralı (TV Series/Movie)
Algı Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi
Anormal Aile (TV Series/Movie)
Argun Mimarlık
Atasar Prodüksiyon (TV Series/Movie)
Avira Grup
Babil Dizi
Baykuş Kafe
Beni Böyle Sev (TV Series/Movie)
Bonny & Clyde
Boston Film Festivali Sansara Film Afişi
Bulutların Ötesi (TV Series/Movie)
Careem (Reklam)
Cesur Hemşire (TV Series/Movie)
Çukur (Dizi/Film)
Delta Airlines 2019 (Ad)
Dip (TV Series/Movie)
Duru Basım ve Yayın
Düşler ve Umutlar (TV Series/Movie)
Erkenci Kuş (TV Series/Movie)
Galip Derviş (TV Series/Movie)
Halka (TV Series/Movie)
Hanım Köylü (TV Series/Movie)
Hayat Şarkısı (TV Series/Movie)
Herşey Fıstık Gibi
Historie Magazine
Hürriyet Emlak (Ad)
Ihlamur Konağı Huzurevi
International Art Center
İçerde (TV Series/Movie)
İsimsizler (TV Series/Movie)
Kaçak (TV Series/Movie)
Kaçak Gelinler (TV Series/Movie)
Küçük Ortak (TV Series/Movie)
Leyla ile Mecnun (TV Series/Movie)
Makyaj (TV Series/Movie)
Mor Menekşeler (TV Series/Movie)
Nevşehir Museum Press
Netflix Turkey Ads – Stranger Things – Black Mirror (TV Series/Movie)
Osmanlı Tokadı (TV Series/Movie)
Ottoman Rising – Netflix (TV Series/Movie)
Pınar Go (Ad)
Reis (TV Series/Movie)
Samsung Smart TV (Ad)
Son Mektup (TV Series/Movie)
Söz (TV Series/Movie)
Star TV Yeni Yayın Dönemi (TV Series/Movie)
Suskunlar (TV Series/Movie)
Sprite (Ad)
Şahane Damat (TV Series/Movie)
Şahsiyet (TV Series/Movie)
Uludağ Gazoz (Ad)
Turkish Airlines – Ridley Scott (Ad)
Villari Porselen
Ziraat Turkey Cup TFF 2019 (Ad)